Nurturing Aerospace mechanisms for future

Our Growth Over The Years Who Are We ?

Indian National Society for Aerospace and Related Mechanisms (INSARM)

INSARM,a non-profit professional body was founded in 1998 with Headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The primaryobjective of the society is to promote, evolve and stimulate interest in mechanisms related to aerospace and defense applications The society fosters Research & Development activity on aerospace and related mechanisms and bolsters a feeling of fellowship among the members of the society

The societyencourages widespread dissemination of knowledge and skills gained through research and experience in R&D institutions on mechanisms through collaborative research, seminars, conferences, workshops, journals and other aids. The society also identify thrust areas for new research on mechanism and promote activities related to design and development of the same.

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Latest Informative Posts Latest & Upcoming Events

October 30 2022

Inauguration of new website for INSARM national Governing Council by Shri MK Abdul Majeed


September 04 2022

Technical talk on “Artificial intelligence in Robotics” by shri. Sumit Veerawal organized by Bangalore chapter.


June 25 2022

Webinar on “Compliant Mechanisms: Introduction, their Intrinsic Complexity and Benefits, and Some Exciting Applications” by Dr. Ashok Midha organized by Trivandrum chapter.